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A Holden Hatchback on Steroids

A Holden Hatchback on Steroids

Shepparton's resident Torana aficionado, Neil Heard, has taken his Holden obsession to a whole new level.

Neil posted on FaceBook today photos of his newly acquired SS Torana "Hatch Hutch".  These camping/tent thingamejigs were all the rage in the 1980s and had long faded into obscurity.

Neil found a supplier of reproduction hutch and proudly shared his backyard photographs this week.

You can see Neil's Torana nearly every second Sunday at the Shepparton Motor Museum when he attends the Cars and Coffee mornings, from 10am.

More hatch hutch information here:

Neil tells us that the Sydney-based company templated the hutch hatch from an original.  Sent the original to China where a company made exact replicas.  They only have about 10 left.

Neil took the hatchback to the Hanging Rock car show where it created quite a buzz.  Instead of people gazing under the bonnet, they were checking out the hatch hutch.  "I remember those ... and I had one of those," was the usual comment.

He was even asked to show the car and hatch at next year's Unique Cars, in Jeff's Shed.  Amazing what interests people!

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