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Radar Ralphy Lets one Go!

Radar Ralphy Lets one Go!

"Don't tell me you fell for her feminine charms, Ralph?"

This yarn is about how humour can wear down the hardest nut.  Is it true?  Probably.

As a cub reporter I was assigned to go out on the road with a traffic policeman.  This was back in the days of the local police having a dedicated traffic division, equipped with pursuit cars and motorbikes.

The sergeant I went patrolling with was full of stories.  Many not suitable for print — but I guess that indicates how relaxed he was with this reporter on board.  Now many years later I think I'm right to let this one loose for public consumption.

Ralph had a reputation for being tough, really tough.  Unflinching in delivering justice to those who had stepped over the line.  So much so he had booked other cops and their wives too.  Moreover, he had taken the Superintendent's daughter to court for point-0-five.  Without fear or favour, you could say.

"Ralph, have you ever just decided to let anyone off," I asked.  He smiled and thought quite deeply for a bit. "Maybe!"  "What's maybe mean," I asked?

And then it started.  "I was travelling in a Westerly direction (typical police speak) on the Midland Highway, when I noticed a speeding sports car," he said.

He pulled the red sports convertible over, noticing a young couple.  Male driver and very attractive blonde female passenger.  "Don't tell me you fell for her feminine charms, Ralph?" I said.  "No, nothing of the sort ... it was the driver and what he said that made me flinch."

Ralph had run through the licence check and registration and insurance bumpf.  "Driver what's your reason for speading ... do you have a reason for speeding?" he asked.

The driver dropped his sunglasses and looked at his passenger, looked at Ralph, then looked at his passenger again.  All the while thinking hard.  "What if I told you my partner was pregnant and she needed to get help pretty fast," the driver said.

Perhaps Ralph had been in a really good mood that day but what followed was serendipitous​ for the couple.  Here they were dealing with the most proactive highway patrol officer in the State.

"Well, your partner being in that condition and needing help. Maybe it would make a difference." Ralph said.

"Okay officer, for modesty if you could avert your gaze for five minutes, I'll fix her up!"  The passenger turned beetroot
, fist thumping her partner in the shoulder.

Radar Ralphy completely lost his composure bursting into fits of stomach laughter.  He was gone uncontrollably and with what modicum of professionalism he had left, he waved the couple on.

One from the memory banks.

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