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Pete is a technology expert. He founded Joomla with a great group of people in Europe. He is an author of a range of content including stories and tutorials.

G'day, G'day ... Where's the Cow?

G'day, G'day ... Where's the Cow?

Just Clik can proudly say it has found Peter Russell-Clarke's robot "pretend" cow, famous for starring in Pete's 1980s TV adds.  And it's here in Shepparton!

The "pretend butter" cow was the brainchild of an advertising company explaining the benefits of "natural" butter over "artificial" margarine.

A bit of email tick-tacking with Pete and his wife revealed the origins of the cow. 

"It was conceived to make the point that margarine was pretend butter.    Butter is natural and from a natural cow," Pete said. "But, like many things and people, once they are, or have been, on television, they are given hero status."

June and Frank, of Shepparton Antiques and Collectibles, discovered the cow when the Merrigum Dairy Museum was winding down some years ago.  It had been painted gold and dubbed the "Golden Cow".

Yet in reality it had been a marketing device for Pete's TV ad where it was, as Pete says, actually "an anti-hero."

You can see the crazy cow on display in Frank and June's shop, at Emerald Bank, Kialla.  They have plans to fix up the cow and hope to eventually restore it to its former glory.


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