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How Will he Get to "Kevin"?

How Will he Get to "Kevin"?

A little Shepparton boy traumatised by the death of his guinea pig was asking mum a load of questions.  The said guinea pig had been attacked and maimed by a visiting dog.

The poor tiny animal had been punctured by the dog's canines in a quite viscious attack.

The guinea pig, taken to the vet, was diagnosed as unsavable and was put down.  Dad broght him back for the burial.

The kids in the house, including the five-year-old little boy, watched the pet deposited into a pink shoebox and buried.

"But mum, how will he get out," asked the boy. Mum tried her best to explain that his body stayed in the ground and his spirit would go to a better place.

"Yeah, but if he's in the ground how will he get to 'Kevin" (Heaven)?," he asked.  The mind of a five year old is a wonderful place.  So innocent, so inquiring.

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Friday, 22 September 2017
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