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Point "0" Vitabrits — A Snapshot of Stupidity

Point "0" Vitabrits — A Snapshot of Stupidity

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”
― Albert Einstein

Every so often someone does something so ridiculous that when the story is told no-one is inclined to believe the storyteller.  This story I can assure you is true and it happened in Shepparton last year.

A friend and his partner were inside their house one morning when they were startled by a huge bang — more like an explosion — the forced compression of air inside a car, shattering of glass and grinding of metal on metal.

They raced outside to see that my friend's Ford ute, parked neatly next to the curb, had been destroyed from being visciously hit in the rear by a very late model Jeep 4WD.

Moreover, the ute had been struck so hard it had done 360 degrees ending unceremoniously jacked up over the opposite curb.  It had been written off by the huge impact — not only was it not drivable it was unrepairable too.

Despite the shock my friend checked to see if the driver, a young woman on "P" plates, of the new Jeep was okay.  In shock but okay she couldn't offer much of an explanation.  During his inspection of that vehicle he noticed something strange, really strange.

He noticed spilt milk.  He noticed a cereal bowl.  He noticed Vitabrits.

The young woman had been driving at a pretty fair clip while eating her morning breakfast.  Presumably she had taken her eyes off the road while eating the breakfast in her lap.

Stupidity of the first degree.  Certainly not something taught to the recently graduated driver.

Last night my friends were remembering the idiocy of it all.  "Driving under the influence of Vitabrits," made us all laugh.  Fortunately nobody was hurt except for a seriously bruised ego and some loss of licence time.  Oh, and one more thing: one very expensive Jeep written off — it's "not a Jeep" anymore!



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Tuesday, 21 November 2017
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