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Special Forces — a Netflix Gem

Special Forces — a Netflix Gem

For foreign film and war drama fans, Netflix has posted a gem called Special Forces

The movie is about a French journalist (played by Diane Kruger) who is investigating the war crimes committed by a local Taliban leader, who is then kidnapped by said Taliban leader, and must be rescued by a French special forces unit. The unit runs into a serious snag and abandons chopper evac and must escape on foot back to Coalition controlled Afghanistan.

This isn't your ordinary cliche action movie. There is something in this movie for everyone, especially the fans of foreign language films. If I had to compare this film to others I'd say this one have the feeling of Platoon, Tears of the Sun, and Seven Years in Tibet all rolled into one.

9/10 for Entertainment Value
7/10 for Tactical Accuracy
7/10 for Technical Accuracy

This is a soldiers' movie, for sure. Excellent!

It's Just Cricket!
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Wednesday, 22 November 2017
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