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The Last Kingdom — Netflix's Crowning Series

The Last Kingdom — Netflix's Crowning Series

Bernad Cornwall, author of the Sharpe Napoleonic Wars series, has penned this wonderful eight part first series called "The Last Kingdom".

It was first shown on ABC (America) and BBC 2 in 2015. Netflix Australia has the first series as a special offering for the New Year.

Set in the late ninth century AD, when what is known as England today was several separate kingdoms. The Anglo-Saxon lands are attacked and, in many instances, ruled by Danes.

The Kingdom of Wessex has been left standing alone.

The protagonist Uhtred, the orphaned son of a Saxon nobleman, is captured by viking Danes and reared as one of them. Forced to choose between a kingdom that shares his ancestry and the people of his upbringing, his loyalties are constantly tested.

Beautifully shot and a plot that cascades like a rollercoaster, this drama is of exceptional qualty and well worth watching.

Netflix (Australia) has sponsored some excellent content. The most obvious being the epic Marco Polo series and this.

The first series' storyline roughly covers the plot of the original two novels, The Last Kingdom and The Pale Horseman although condensed for the purposes of television.

A further series is planned for filming this year.

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