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Scorpions - Return To Forever (Review)

Scorpions - Return To Forever (Review)
Germany’s rock legends the Scorpions return with their final studio album and final tour. Or not…maybe, who knows. Either way, the guys have come out firing with a big guitar fueled, anthemic rock record that combines song ideas from the early and mid-80s and from today.
So it sounds like an old-school Scorps record, but with a contemporary production.
There’s a lot to like here as long as you can get past the cringe worthy and clichéd lyrics and the band should absolutely be cited for the overuse of the term ‘rock and roll’ – Rock My Car, Rock N Roll Band, Hard Rockin’ The Place, Rollin’ Home.
We get it guys – you ROCK!
On a serious note, this is a fun album as long as you check your brain in when you hit play.
The 80s hard rock of Going Out With A Bang sums things up fairly well; and We Built This House is a great melodic rocker with a big chorus.
Rock My Car sounds like it might be called Rock My (censored) if you don’t listen close enough. It’s a bit daft.
House Of Cards is a solid new Winds Of Change style ballad; Rock N Roll Band has a fast beat and decent riff; Catch Your Play is a nice pompous AOR track; The Scratch has quite a groove; and Gypsy Life is a sentimental anthem before a whole range of bonus tracks (depending on format) kick in.
Of the bonus stuff, only the upbeat Dancing With The Moonlight has any real lasting power. The chance of having up to 5 bonus tracks moves this album from consistent to too long and containing several fillers.

Well produced by Mikael Nord Andersson and Martin Hansen and filled with the best anthemic songs the Scorps have always been known for. Nothing new, but nothing bad (apart from the lyrics) either. Just good old’ rockin’ rocking rock rock’n’roll.

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