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Owning Your Own Cloud

Owning Your Own Cloud

Crowdfunding success Lima announced the commercial release of its Dropbox-killer product.

Lima is a device that enables users to create their own personal Cloud in seconds. Backed by 12,840 people on Kickstarter, the product was beta-tested for 10 months and is finally ready for the masses. Version 1.0 will be available worldwide on November 25th.


Lima is the first personal Cloud built for everyone. It enables you to transform any USB hard drive into a secure, private Cloud for your Home.

Setup is dramatically simple: just plug the Lima device to your Internet router and to an external hard drive at Home. Then install the Lima apps on your computer, smartphone and tablet.

Your drive will then be accessible wirelessly from any of your devices, anywhere in the World.

Benefits for the users are numerous:

  • Lima storage is as easy to use as the Cloud, but it’s entirely private.
  • Users can benefit from an online storage space of any size, without paying monthly fees.
  • Content is stored at Home, not on any company’s servers.
  • The Lima apps on mobile enable users to stream Music, Movies, Pictures and Documents over any Internet connection (3G, 4G, WiFi, etc.)
  • Lima offers both offline & online access to the user files. Users select the files they want to keep available when offline.

Lima enables regular users to benefit from the latest technologies of a multi-device world, while maintaining complete control over their files. Moreover, Lima is device-agnostic technology that works with Mac, Windows, Android and iOS: no need to be tied up to a brand anymore.

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iSafe Drive Lite (32GB)

iSafe Drive Lite (32GB)

The First Ever MFi-Certified Storage Drive Built Specially for Your iOS Devices!

iSafe Drive Lite is the first MFI-certified, ultra-high-speed drive to safely store 32GB of data and employ the same encryption used by the US federal government. It’s the fastest and easiest way to transfer between your computer (Mac or PC) and your iOS devices. Since it’s a two-way transfer device, you can swap out music and contacts between your phone and desktop. Better yet, you can stream movies and songs directly from the drive without eating up data. Making this gadget a road trip dream come true.

  • Quickly transfer videos, music & more between your iOS devices and computers
  • Back up your important files
  • Keep your data private w/ AES 256 bit encryption
  • Stream movies & music without using the internal storage of your laptop or iPhone
  • Transfer data between your iOS device & computer at a rate of 8MB per second
  • Forgo storing you data in the cloud
  • Slip it in your pocket thanks to it’s small size
  • Enjoy its environmentally-friendly recyclable aluminum shell

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